DSSim Selected for Presentation at OM-2008

Dr Maria Vargas-Vera, Miklos Nagy and Piotr Stolarski participated with their System DSSim (short for Dempter-Shafer similarity) in the OAEI-2008 Evaluation. DSSim has obtained very good results in this event and the DSSim team have been invited to give a presentation in Germany at the OM-2008 workshop collocated with the ISWC-2008.

DSSim selected for oral presentation at OM-2008 together with ASMOV; at OM-2008, October 26-30, 2008; Karlsruhe, Germany. Extract from an email sent by the organisers of the OM-2008 Evaluation. "Based on the discussion among the OAEI organisers and taking into account the number of tracks addressed and quality of matching results, it has been resolved that only the DSSim and ASMOV teams are offered to make oral presentations concerning their evalutation results".

We solved 8 different problems which can be found at http://oaei.ontologymatching.org/2008/

The results can be found here. http://oaei.ontologymatching.org/2008/prelim/

Dr Maria Vargas-Vera is now in the Computing Department at the OU.
Miklos Nagy is a part-time research student in KMi.
Piotr Stolarski is from Poznan University of Economics, Poznan Poland.

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