Deputy Director Appointed Head of EU Integrated Project on Semantic Web Services

Last week saw the DIP Executive Management Board confirm KMi’s Deputy Director, John Domingue, as the project’s Scientific Director. In this role as head of the project he will be supported by the project’s previous head Christoph Bussler and the project manager Sigurd Harand, both from the Digital Enterprise Research Institute in Galway, Ireland. DIP is a 16M Euro, 3 year Integrated Project on semantic web services containing 19 partners, including BT, SAP and ILOG. The goal of the project is to address problems associated with Enterprise Application Integration, eGovermnent and Knowledge Management with semantic web services. The project will do this through the creation of ontologies, open source tools and new standards. New standards for technologies associated with semantic web services will be created through the Web Service Modelling Ontology (WSMO) working group where KMi’s Deputy Director is a Chair. The appointment is in part recognition of KMi’s semantic web services team, Liliana Cabral, Roberto Confalonieri, Stefania Galizia, Farshad Hakimpour, Enrico Motta and Denilson Sell and their work on IRS III. It is also a testament to the strength of KMi in European research. Zdenek Zdrahal has been leading EU projects on knowledge management and engineering for around a decade. KMi’s Chief Scientist Marc Eisenstadt and KMi’s second Deputy Director Peter Scott both play leading roles in ELeGi and ProLearn an integrated project and network of excellence on new technologies to support learning. Additionally, KMi’s Director, Enrico Motta is on the executive board of KnowledgeWeb a network of excellence on ontologies and the semantic web.


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