Centre Point VIP Event Adds Resonance Momentum

Last Friday saw a VIP installation event and networking party at Centre Point for the Resonance project. This invitation-only party had a number of prominent attendees from the Media and Broadcasing industry including: Chris Fry the Producer of Spooks, Foz Allen the Executive Producer of Robin Hood, Matthew Bouch the Producer of Being Human, Colin Teague the Director of Dr Who and the actor Charles Dance. Other attendees included high level representatives from the Imperial War Museum, the BBC and Bletchley Park.

Resonance is a multi-platform broadcasting project which aims to create a new Sci-Fi series to be broadcast on TV, published as a graphic novel and also facilitate ambitious forms audience engagement – allowing the audience to create new characters and plot lines.

KMi’s involvement in Resonance is centred around the outcomes of the SOA4All and NoTube projects where we are exploring how Linked Data and Web Services can enable a “semantic data track” for broadcast media to complement the existing video and audio tracks. It is envisaged that the creation of this new layer will enable the connection of disparate heterogeneous resources and support audience engagement.

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Still from the Resonance Trailer
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Charles Dance in the Resonance Trailer


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