CARRE rated ‘Excellent’ in final review

The CARRE project received its final written review this week, and was rated "Excellent" by the Project Officer and the review panel. The final review meeting took place in December and was attended by representatives of all CARRE partners. 


CARRE was a 3-year FP7 project, working on a personalised risk prediction and planning tool for patients with, or at risk of, chronic cardiac and renal conditions and associated comorbidities. Patients using low-cost monitoring devices, such as activity trackers and body analysis scales, can see visualisations of their health risks, based directly on their personal data connected with an up-to-date semantic repository of clinical knowledge extracted from the medical literature. KMi contributed to the project by developing ontologies for both personal sensor data and clinical risk modelling, and developing and maintaing the two semantic repositories at the heart of the project; a private repository for patient-specific sensor and health record data and a public repository containing knowledge of clinical risks. The risk factor repository in particular was identified by the reviewers as a significant contribution of the project to the state of the art. 


We are seeking to continue the work of CARRE and make use of the technologies we developed in future projects, both internal to the OU and externally funded.

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