Best papers in Technology-Enhanced Learning awarded

The open network of excellence STELLAR and the European Association for Technology-Enhanced Learning EA-TEL e.V. have prized the best papers in the field at the 5th European Conference on Technology-Enhanced Learning.

EA-TEL president and KMi director Peter Scott awarded the best paper presented at the conference to first author Myroslava Dzikovska. She won the prize for the paper ‘Content, Social, and Metacognitive Statements: An Empirical Study Comparing Human-Human and Human-Computer Tutorial Dialogue’ together with her co-authors Natalie Steinhauser, Johanna Moore, Gwendolyn Campbell, Katherine Harrison, and Leanne Taylor.

The additional best student paper was awarded by conference chair Martin Wolpers (Fraunhofer FIT) to Celso Goncalves, Marie-Caroline Croset, Muriel Ney, Nicolas Balacheff, and Jean-Luc Bosson.

Muriel Ney accepted the prize on behalf of her student for the paper ‘Authenticity in learning game: how it is designed and perceived’.

The Stakeholder Advisory Board of open network of excellence STELLAR selected its stakeholders’ distinct award, which was won by Son Do-Lenh, Patrick Jermann, Sebastien Cuendet, Guillaume Zufferey, and Pierre Dillenbourg for their paper ‘Task Performance vs. Learning Outcomes: A Study of Tangible User Interface in Classroom Setting’. The award is handed over by Carlos Delgado Kloos (UC3M), member of the advisory board, and Fridolin Wild (KMi), general scientific manager of STELLAR.

An additional special mention was given by the advisory board to the paper on ‘Knowledge Maturing Activities and Practices Fostering Organisational Learning: Results of an Empirical Study’ written by Andreas Kaschig, Ronald Maier, Alexander Sandow, Mariangela Lazoi, Sally-Anne Barnes, Jenny Bimrose, Claire Bradley, Alan Brown, Christine Kunzmann, Athanasios Mazarakis, and Andreas Schmidt. The award was presented by STELLAR coordinator Peter Scott and Carlos Delgado Kloos.

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EA-TEL president Peter awarding Myroslava for the best paper
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Conference chair Martin handing over best student paper award to supervisor Muriel
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Carlos and Fridolin prizing Son with the STELLAR award
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Peter Carlos and Fridolin congratulating Andreas for the special mention


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