Bamboo Workshop Paris

KMi lead an OU team to an intensive 3 day workshop to work on an international perspective on future Arts and Humanties research this week. The Bamboo Planning Project is an 18-month planning and community design program funded by the US based Mellon foundation, being lead by the Universities of Chicago and Berkeley. The Open University team: Peter Scott, John Wolffe and Byron Dueck (Arts), and Katharine Reedy (Library) were their to help show that significant progress on these topics is already being made in Europe.

In a series of conversations and workshops, the Bamboo team are planing to map out the scholarly practices and common technology challenges across and among disciplines, and discover where a coordinated, cross-disciplinary development effort can best foster academic innovation. They then plan to return to Mellon with a proposal to implement their Science 2.0 vision and architecture for the Arts and Humanities.

The workshop spent some days surveying European perspectives and experiences and produced a series of interesting recommendations for the Bamboo team to mix into the US perspective. They will be integrating these results and moving forward with a series of events and demonstrators based on this work into 2009.

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