Maria Macintyre

AoIR 2003

I recently presented at the Association of Internet Researchers 2003 conference in Toronto. The keynote speakers were Lucy Suchman (Lancaster University), Pierre Levy (University of Ottawa), Steve Jones (Co-founder of AoIR, University of Illinois) and Jane Fountain (Center for Digital Government Research and Practice). Panels included the digital divide, blogging, ehealth, gaming, online learning, research…

Macintrye Nominated for AoIR Student Prize

Maria Macintyre&#39s paper on research into online health communities has been nominated for the AoIR Student Prize at their 2003 conference. This will be the fourth conference of the Association of Internet Researchers, which is being held in Toronto, October 16-19, 2003. Related Links: Broadening the Band – AoIR 4

Mednet 2002 Amsterdam

The seventh international conference on the internet and medicine, MEDNET was recently held in Amsterdam.  As a largely technical forum, many of the papers lacked a clear evaluation component.  As with the medical informatics literature there was a huge pre-occupation with quality and the kite-marking of quality.  For me, the most interesting papers centred around…