Anna Zelinska

KMI’s CORE reaches 30 million visits per month

KMI’s CORE has reached a new milestone of 30 million monthly active users. This follows already significant growth of CORE’s user base in 2020, as they only reported achieving 20 million monthly users in June 2020.  Read the detailed blog post here.  Related Links: Read the detailed blog post here.

KMI’s CORE update for July to September 2020

KMI’s CORE team continues to work on improving the CORE. This period was a highly productive period for CORE in terms of growing and developing our products. Find more in the blog post. Related Links: Find more in the blog post

KMi’s CORE organises the first 3C Citation Context Classification shared task

The first edition of the shared task organised by the researchers at CORE, Knowledge Media Institute (KMi), The Open University, UK featured the classification of citations for research impact analysis. The new shared task, known as the 3C Citation Context Classification task, organised as part of the 8th International Workshop on Mining Scientific Publications (WOSP),…

KMis CORE joins stakeholder group of the Initiative for Open Abstracts (I4OA)

The I4OA was launched this September, calling for an increase in the volume of open abstracts. After having identified that either a large number of the published literature does not have open abstracts, or that available abstracts are currently disseminated via proprietary platforms with reuse restrictions, I4OA calls the publishing community to open up all…

arXiv uses KMis CORE Recommender to support article discovery

arXiv readers now have a faster way to find articles relevant to their interests. From an article abstract page, readers can simply activate the CORE Recommender to find additional open access research on similar topics. Read more at the blog. Related Links: Read more at the blog.