AKT-0 Workshop a Success

Over the last three days members of the Advanced Knowledge Technologies (AKT) consortium attended a workshop in KMi to construct ‘AKT-0’. AKT-0 is a preliminary experiment to explore what types of web based knowledge services can be offered by integrating existing tools within the consortium. KMi Planet and KMi’s library of associated knowledge models provided the focus for the workshop.
The workshop was comprised of two streams. An information extraction stream, led by Maria Vargas-Vera and Yannis Kalfoglou, integrated named entity recognition software from Yorick Wilks’ group at the University of Sheffield with KMi Planet. After some customisation the integrated system is now able to automatically pick out people, places, and references to academic journals within Planet stories.
A dynamic link service stream integrated Southampton University’s dynamic link server with KMi’s knowledge modelling technologies. The integrated system is able to overlay any web document being viewed in a web browser with ‘KMi relevant’ links. Specifically, the system automatically adds a hyperlink to any mention of a KMi member, technology, project or organisation that we collaborate with. These links are connected to a variety of services including finding related Planet stories, creating a personlised Planet, or finding related web pages.
Having created a couple of compelling demonstrations AKT’s next goal is to apply these technologies in a real-world scenario. In the medium term we aim to support knowledge sharing within AKT by semi-automatically indexing AKT papers, presentations, meeting minutes and email. One of our longer term aims is to support OU course production and student retention.
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