A Virtual Office for KMi

Hexagon Virtual Office is the code name of a new proof-of-concept exploring the dimension which runs between presence and telepresence systems. In one model of this the CNM team have prototyped a virtual office concept for interested KMi users to explore. You will need a camera, mic and flash 6+ plugged into your browser (it will be an app and live desktop shortly).

Log into Hex (no accounts at the moment, so choose your own name and no password required. Your AV hex will appear in the centre of the app – any others will automatically cluster around you, but you can drag hexes anywhere to change your view. Alt-Click on a hex to send a line of text to that hex. It is very low framerate video (to scale up), but will send more frames if there is more action in the camera! If an image looks grey for a long time, then nothing is happening on camera.

Dont release the URL outside the lab just yet please, as we dont currently have an accounts backend for it.

  • Is it jabber … ? Not yet.
  • Can you use use it to launch Flashmeetings? No, not for a few days.
  • Can I have a background pic or draw on top of the hexes? Also remember hex locations? Maybe … presently.
  • Got any other visualizations other than hexagons? No, but you could be reading my mind.
  • Can it deduce my presence state from the activity in my camera and mike? Yes … kinda.
  • Can we go to the virtual watercooler for a group chat? Excellent idea!
  • Is this spyware – that may eventually be used by a heavy handed manager to see just who is where, and doing what? What, me, no, never 😉

Is it cool? Oh yea!

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