A Virtual iPod

Interested in Educational Podcasting? Well, it may be no replacement for the little white box itself, but we have been asked so often what our educational podcasts would look like on Apple&#39s iPod that we produced a virtual one that will play any podcast.

Sadly, our virtual iPod can only play podcasts, but it can play any podcast that a real one can… and it is intended to give you a feel for what it is like to connect to a podcast feed: in the gym, or on the bus.

First, you should check out a real feed: such as those provided by our own Stadium project. Eg. our Prolearn TV podcast feed, or maybe the Podcasting channel from the Open University Berrill Auditorium. All you need to do is click on the small XML button above the emulator to try out your own *well formed* RSS url.

You may find the thumb-wheel of the emulator hard to use (you have to drag it around to move the selection); but that is because we have tried to emulate the physical device as closely as we could…

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