A new doctor!

KMi research student Yuangui Lei successfully defended her doctoral dissertation during a thesis viva this Friday. She has been recommended for the award of a Ph.D. after a list of editorial revisions.

Yuangui’s thesis, entitled ‘An ontology-based approach to web site design and development &#39, addresses the design of customized data-intensive web sites. The major contributions include a comprehensive set of meta-models, very flexible and powerful customization support, a fully implemented and tested tool infrastructure, and the integration of web services into the design process.

Yuangui’s first supervisor was Professor Enrico Motta. Her second supervisor was Dr. John Domingue. Her external examiner was Professor Asuncion Gomez-Perez from the Universidad Politecnic De Madrid (UPM), and her internal examiner was Dr. Trevor Collins from KMi.

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