A KMi Video Wall ?

Come NOW to Peter Scott&#39s office and ask for a webcam. I have bought a bunch (first come first serve) and will buy more if there is a queue!!! The cameras I have are cheap USB PC only jobs – no mike – so this reduces the queue slightly? Heck, these things only cost 12.50 in Argos at the moment! Damian or Chris will help you install them, if you have any probs.


You must agree to engage in a lab experiment in 24/7 video presence. This means running the camera on the machine of your choice for (at least some part of) each day!


Are you kidding … why not?


Well – we need to do some destruction-testing of the Flash Com server through some experimental clients – the idea of a KMi Video Wall is a pretty tempting way to do this. PLUS, we need to think (in a safe, and friendly lab context) about the sanity of extending presence into video – so come play and help.

THIS PAGE will tell you more …

Strengths: Only we can do this – so let us try!
Weaknesses: It will probably blow up!
Opportunities: Come and get a webcam!
Threats: Big Brother could be really, really watching you 😉 … or your bookshelves or whatever else you point the cam at!

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