10 Million downloads for the OU on iTunes U

So… it may only be a big number, but 10 million downloads is a pretty neat boundary to cross! The 10 Millionth Open University track on iTunes U, a dedicated area within the Apple iTunes Store was downloaded this week. According to our logs, the 10 Millionth track was ‘A French Breakfast’ from the popular "Bon d├ępart: beginners’ French" album downloaded by someone in Dillion, Colorado, USA.

This news story was picked up by the International press, including the New York Times. Apple highlighted this success on the front page of the education part of this site, with a major feature that at one point saw over 45 of our albums showcased!

This also entails a pretty large set of ‘cloud’ transactions for us – for something like a Terabyte of data is shipped through the Amazon Cloud, each week; never mind the huge amount of data trapped in Akamai’s caches!

The OU’s joint KMi and LTS team responsible for this huge success will certainly be celebrating!

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