Zdenek’s 25 years in KMi!

On Thursday November 17th at the Town Meeting, the whole of KMi celebrated Zdenek’s 25 years’ working at the Open University, within KMi. Petr Knoth led a tribute from Zdenek’s team, after which we commemorated the occasion with epicurean style, including a personalised giant cookie and an edible pie-chart made by the Analyse team!

We reflected that Zdenek has done some great work at the Open University and 25 years marks an incredible achievement. Throughout his time here, Zdenek has contributed to the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Case Based Reasoning, Design, Knowledge Sharing, Machine Learning and Predictive Modelling. KMi is sure that Zdenek will continue doing great work (hopefully for another 25 years) at the Open University!

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