You’ll be aMAZEd at this game!

Welcome to the next installment in our series of experiments with Flash MX server multiplayer games. Essentially, with this game-model we are exploring simple, scalable, abstract systems where collaboration makes real sense. This one is us thinking-aloud about the applicability of Flash MX Server discussion components in learning domains. Look out for voice or voice/video coming soon to a game near you …

In this prototype, your mission is to get a mouse through a maze, picking up a number of cheeses on the way.

One player acts as the Host for the game, with other players joining as clients. The direction the mouse moves in any one game turn is determined by a simple voting system. Before casting their vote, participants can discuss the best path through the maze via the Flash MX Chat component running concurrently on the screen.

The number of participants is limited only by the server connection limit. It could (arguably) promote team work, langauge and debating skills 😉

However, this is another (internal) work in progress! So, it would probably be better for casual or curious players to join as clients in case a game is already in progress …

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