Workplace Learning Evidence Hub for OU in Scotland

I was recently in Edinburgh where I ran a hands-on workshop for the OU in Scotland team led by Ronald Macintyre, who have a project fnuded by the Scottish Government on how Scottish higher education institutions are engaged with workplace learning.

The OUiS team will be co-designing an Evidence Hub to help them map the state of the art, but instead of a traditional website or report, the Evidence Hub makes it possible to crowdsource input. A Hub provides a collaborative, knowledge-building environment for people to build on (or contest) each others’ ideas. Here’s a Tutorial to get started.

As part of rolling their sleeves up and getting their hands dirty, the team populated a demo Issue with Claims, Evidence and Resources in the our Testbed Hub, a sandpit for experimentation (open to anyone so come on in!). See the demonstration Knowledge Building and Chat views, and Organizational Network.

Watch this space for news as the Hub takes shape…


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