UfI’s Brown Visits

John Brown, Director of Learning at Ufi/LearnDirect, visited KMi today as part of a fact-finding visit to the Open University. Brown, formerly Director of Lifelong Learning at the British Educational Communications and Technology Agency (Becta), joined Ufi/ learndirect in July 2002 .

According to a LearnDirect press release “John will have responsibility for leading the strategic development, implementation, quality assurance and evaluation of learndirect&#39s learning resources and services, and will advise the Ufi Board and Executive on learning and learning technology and assessment. ”

The release continues, “He will also oversee the operational design, production, procurement, maintenance and monitoring and review of learndirect learning resources, and head Ufi&#39s Learning Strategy Committee and the Ufi Board&#39s advisory group the Learning Quality Standards Committee.”

Brown met with KMi Chief Scientist Marc Eisenstadt to discuss their shared interests in new knowledge media. Brown and Eisenstadt worked together briefly in 1994 while assembling a National Lottery build concerned with lifelong learning.

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