UbiquitousD3E distributed to OAI community

UbiquitousD3E, a component of D3E, which generates a discussion site for any URL, has been distributed to OAI community around the world.

The new release of “GNU EPrints 2.1” takes UbiquitousD3E as its add-on, which went public yesterday. In this release any published document can have two built-in buttons “goto public discussion about this document” and “create my private discussion”. Each of the buttons is linked to a UbiquitousD3E server, which provides discussion services for that document.

Apart from hosting discussions at KMI for the Eprints archive at Southampton, UbiquitousD3E can also be downloaded free from SourceForge to build the user’s own discussion server.

The GNU EPrints self-archiving software, has been developed at the Electronics and Computer Science Department of the University of Southampton. It has been long recognised that it will be a great feature that any archived document can have an attached discussion. UbiquitousD3E was chosen as the best option for providing this service.

We are glad to see KMI research results are being used by other institutes and communities.

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