Tick off the Big 5 on your WebSafari

WebSafari is latest top-secret CNM project to test our new Macromedia MX Communication server. Yes, it is all about wandering the jungle or veldt of the world wide web with a tour group. Anyone can lead a safari in this simple model – and can go pretty much anywhere.

And yes, it has taken us a full week to get this far … (this is a very old concept that has just been waiting for a good technology vehicle).

Feel free to check it out BUT don&#39t tell anyone outside the lab just yet please – cos we only have a very small server running this test with limited simultaneous connections – and no real access controls just yet. Multiparty audio works reasonably well – so long as you have a decentish machine and ain&#39t doing much else! Macromedia have chosen NOT to mix the audio into a single stream as it messes up the video model (yes, video is easy too). But, in not mixing they make the technology do rather too much work. Not bad though!

Sure, it is buggy and will break with certain web sites! THE most challenging one we have found in our long search is the Open University! At the moment it doesn&#39t like the Macintosh much either (users are unable to lead, but can follow) …

BUT we know this, have our cunning plans AND as a proof of concept we think it is pretty cool.

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