This game stinks!

We dont seem to have as much fun as we used to folks?

So, to while away those boring minutes over lunch, why not hold your nose and check this pong! (Hopefully you will even understand the pun).

On the CNM games project page (see the link below) you will see that we have released our first experiment in multi-player games – our variation on the classical arcade game Pong. It is a max four player game which uses the new Macromedia MX server to relay game information to each client. The logon screen hosts some text chat so that you can agree your teams – but you cant chat once you start playing … too intrusive. We may add multiparty audio one day … but not yet.

This is just for fun, so dont expect sophisticated error trapping. This version can only run one game at a time (with a single main host) so whoever gets there first, gets to manage the game! Similarly, please dont forget to close your game window, when you are done, so that it disconnects and others can play!

So … pong while ye may.

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