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  • Addition / Subtraction: [?]

    You can also add and subtract a value to/from the counter using the add and subtract methods:


  • Set Value: [?]

    You can manually set the value of the counter at any time using the setValue method:


  • Increment To: [?]

    You can set the counter to increment to a value using the current pace and inc values by using the incrementTo method:


  • Smart Increment To: [?]

    You can also let the counter figure out the best pace and inc values using a ‘smart’ increment technique.

    myCounter.incrementTo(12345, 10, 400);

    The above code would tell the counter to increment to 12,345 over a period of 10 seconds. I’ve also set a desired pace of 400 for the animation, but that will change when neccessary to optimize the animation.

    Click the ‘Run smart increment example’ button to see a demo of this method in which the counter will increment to 4 different values, each with a duration of 10 seconds, dynamically adjusting pace and inc for optimal results.

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