The 2011 STI Semantic Summit – Addressing current challenges of the semantic web

Every two years the STI international holds a Semantic Summit aiming to discuss and address a number of open scientific and domain or industry challenges of strategic importance to STI and to the Semantic Technology Community. The third semantic summit was held last week in Riga and KMi representatives (John Domingue, Carlos Pedrinaci and Maria Maleshkova) were included among the 50 invitation-only participants.

The summit consisted of provocative and future-oriented sessions, dominated by short presentations and animated discussions. The main themes included:
-Linked Data: What Next? Or Future the Semantic Web
-Processing Linked Data for Applications: Requirements and Scenarios
— Strategic Future of LOD: making it work
— Semantic Web and LOD applications
— Services and semantics on mobile platforms
— Linked data services and applications: E-Government, social networking, …
-Computation, storage, and management aspects
— Data management at scale: storage, search, inference, data integration, …
— Reasoning / Problem Solving over LOD
— Role of services and semantics in LOD applications
Semantics in Cloud Computing

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