SUPER, its over! KMi contributed to yet another successful project.

SUPER’s final review took place on May 7 and 8 in Berlin and was a notable success. The reviewers’ immediate feedback was very positive and lauded the project’s achievements in which they saw significant advancement to the state of the art and high potential benefits in reusing SUPER’s results.

This concerned in particular the ontologies developed in SUPER and their integration within SUPER systems, two aspects of SUPER’s contribution that were presented during the review by the KMi team, with a presentation of the overall ontology stack by Pierre Grenon and a presentation of the COBRA ontology-based monitoring and analysis tools by Carlos Pedrinaci. KMi has overseen the technical management of the overall SUPER ontology stack which includes several ontologies developed at KMi, in particular the central Business Process Modelling Ontology. KMi also supported the ontologisation of industry standards supporting the annotation of business process models in the vertical telecommunication sector; a SUPER contribution highlighted as valuable in itself.

The reviewers also praised the work of the project management team that included KMi’s John Domingue for the scientific leadership of the project; they also expressed great satisfaction with training and dissemination in which KMi was deeply involved.

SUPER is for Semantics Utilised for Process management within and between EnteRprises; it is an Integrated Project financed by European Commission in its 6th Framework Programme within Information Society Technologies (IST) priority. SUPER combines Semantic Web Service and Business Process Management Technologies to bridge the gap between business expert’s view of business processes and the IT perspective of processes running in enterprise systems.

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