Strong OU Representation at LAK13, Leuven

Last week a group of KMI and OU colleagues attended the 3rd International Conference on Learning Analytics and Knowledge (LAK13) in Leuven, Belgium.

The conference theme this year was ‘Dialectics in Learning Analytics’ with three core facets:

  1. The Middle Space – in which learning, and analytics intersect
  2. Productive Multivocality – encouraging communities to come together around the boundary object of the middle space to develop theory and practice
  3. The Old and the New – bringing new technologies to bear on old problems of learning

The strong accord with our work in KMI was reflected in contributions to the conference, with KMI well represented by involvement in at least 5 full papers, and two workshops/tutorials co-organised by KMI colleagues:

  1. ‘Discourse Centric Learning Analytics (DCLA)’ building on our work in natural language processing for learning
  2. ‘Using Linked Data in Learning Analytics’ building on our semantic web and linked data expertise

The DCLA workshop also featured OU work with KMI represented by Duygu Simsek, Simon Buckingham Shum, Ágnes Sándor, Anna De Liddo, Rebecca Ferguson’s paper ‘XIP Dashboard: Visual Analytics from Automated Rhetorical Parsing of Scientific Metadiscourse’ (PDF, presentation on slideshare) and Simon Knight and Karen Littleton’s paper ‘Discourse, Computation and Context – Sociocultural DCLA Revisited‘ (presentation on slideshare with audio).

The full paper ‘Epistemology, Pedagogy, Assessment, and Learning Analytics‘ (presentation on slideshare, video to follow), by KMI’s Simon Knight and Simon Buckingham Shum with CREET’s Karen Littleton – – was one of four papers to receive a ‘best paper’ nomination at the conference.
OU Representation at LAK13 The OU was well represented with involvement in (not necessarily lead involvement) at least 7 papers at the full conference. Those papers are below and account for a our strong KMI and OU representation at the conference.  

Interpreting Data Mining Results with Linked Data for Learning Analytics: Motivation, Case Study and Directions Authors:  Mathieu D’Aquin Nicolas Jay ACM Link:  327 Tags:  data mining linked data leaning analytics course enrolment sequence mining interpretation sequential analytics sequence enrollment ou Abstract: Learning Analytics by nature relies on computational information processing activities intended to e…  

Improving retention: predicting at-risk students by analysing clicking behaviour in a virtual learning environment Authors:  Annika Wolff Zdenek Zdrahal Andriy Nikolov Michal Pantucek ACM Link:  324 Tags:  predictive modelling retention student data virtual learning environment distance learning vle dm ou Abstract: One of the key interests for learning analytics is how it can be used to improve retention. This pap…  

MOOCs and the Funnel of Participation Authors:  Doug Clow ACM Link:  332 Tags:  learning analytics participation academic mooc moocs analytics massive open online courses massive open online courses ou Abstract: Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs) are growing substantially in numbers, and also in interest from …

An evaluation of policy frameworks for addressing ethical considerations in learning analytics
Authors:  Paul Prinsloo Sharon Slade ACM Link:  344 Tags:  learning analytics policy ethics distance learning policy distance learning policy framework data privacy informed consent data governance ou Abstract: Higher education institutions have collected and analysed student data for years, although the purpo…  

Epistemology, Pedagogy, Assessment and Learning Analytics Authors:  Simon Knight Simon Buckingham Shum Karen Littleton ACM Link:  312 Tags:  assessment learning analytics educational assessment pedagogy la epistemology discourse analytics social learning analytics discourse analysis sociocultural ou Abstract: There is a well-established literature examining the relationships between epistemology (the nature …  

An Evaluation of Learning Analytics To Identify Exploratory Dialogue in Online Discussions Authors:  Rebecca Ferguson Zhongyu Wei Yulan He Simon Buckingham Shum ACM Link:  313 Tags:  social dialogue learning analytics educational assessment discourse analytics computational linguistics cue-phrase matching educational dialogue exploratory dialogue k-nearest neighbour maxent discourse_analytics computational linguistics ou Abstract: Social learning analytics are concerned with the process of knowledge construction as learners build…  

Visualizing Social Learning Ties by Type and Topic: Rationale and Concept Demonstrator Authors:  Bieke Schreurs Chris Teplovs Rebecca Ferguson Maarten De Laat Simon Buckingham Shum ACM Link:  305 Tags:  social-network visualization visualisation sna social network analysis social network analy social learning analytics networked learning social_network_analysis social learning analytics network analytics social learning analytics network awareness tool ou Abstract: Social Learning Analytics (SLA) are designed to support students learning through social networks, a…

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