SOA4All: Leading the Future Internet of Services

Last week saw SOA4All’s second year review in Barcelona. Driven by the success of previous reviews, this time the evaluation focused on exploitation of project results which shows the high expectations the European Commission has of this project. As on previous occasions, KMi’s involvement was crucial for yet another successful review. KMi’s John Domingue and Carlos Pedrinaci presented the outstanding work of KMi’s team composed of Pierre Grenon, Jacek Kopecky, Dave Lambert, Dong Liu and Maria Maleshkova. John, scientific director of the project, gave a seminal presentation on the main scientific contributions of SOA4All and introduced the main conclusions and predictions drawn by the project with regards to the Future Internet of Services. The presentation, which was very well received, led to one of the main recommendations from the reviewers which is that "SOA4All is one of the most advanced projects on services in Europe and should as such lead the Future Internet of Services". Thus, with renewed strength and motivation, the project enters the last of three years of research and development, in which it is expected to establish a key milestone in the evolution of services on the Web.


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