Project: Shifting Power

<p>How can we create a more just society with AI?</p>

Shifting Power Group Organised Successful Workshop on Ecology of AI at HHAI 2023 Conference

Last week, the research group "Shifting Power" from the Knowledge Media Institute at the Open University visited the International Conference Series on Hybrid Human-Artificial Intelligence (HHAI) 2023, held from June 26th to 30th in Munich. Their organised workshop on the Ecology of AI (EcAI) 2023 garnered attention from conference participants and sparked insightful discussions among…

Learning and Networking at The Groups Network Summer Workshop

I recently had the opportunity to attend The Groups Network summer workshop at the splendid Lost and Found Club in Leeds. UKRI’s FLF Development Network supported the event, led by Dr Martha Newson and Dr Anne Templeton. Groups is an interdisciplinary network for researchers whose expertise lies in understanding group formation, collective experiences and group…

KMi Research Fellow Tracie Farrell Discusses Ethical AI with ITV

Research Fellow Dr. Tracie Farrell spoke with ITV on Tuesday afternoon, July 13th, about the consequences of Artificial Intelligence on society and her research team’s efforts to reframe the conversation around ethical AI as an “Ecology of AI”.  Dr. Farrell is the Principle Investigator of “Shifting Power”, a project funded by a UKRI Future Leaders…

Shifting Power: Launching our UKRI FLF Project on AI and Justice

KMi is happy to announce the official launch of “Shifting Power”, a UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship-funded project investigating the impacts of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on Justice. The project focuses on the perspectives of those with intersectional and/or non-normative identities that go underrepresented in AI research.  At the moment, the team is running two parallel studies….