Petr Knoth is featured in a free ebook on Text Analytics

The ebook "Text Analytics: 28 Experts Share How to Achieve Business Value" (download page) gives insights into how large industries are exploiting big unstructured data to drive business value. The free eBook was created to demonstrate the benefits of text analytics to a vast array of companies, customer intelligence professionals, and marketers. 

In this ebook Dr. Petr Knoth discusses how text mining of scientific literature can help reveal meaningful connections, which are hard to discover otherwise. From his experience as a Senior Data Scientist in Mendeley and founder of COnnecting REpositories (CORE), a database that aggregates open access scientific papers, he gives three recommendations for how to successfully apply and derive value from text analytics; 1. the need for an evaluation framework with well-defined metrics, 2. the necessity to collect representative ground truth data and 3. realistic and clear communication with the customer. Knoth states that "text mining has so many application domains, it is absolutely incredible".


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