Peter Scott to bring STEM research to life

The Director of KMi will be a keynote speaker at the eSTEeM Conference on 16 April 2015. 

There’s only one day left to register for this conference, which will bring together academics in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) to promote innovation, scholarship and enterprise in open and distance learning.

Peter will be taking the opportunity to present some of Trevor Collins’ work on technology-enhanced fieldwork frameworks that we are now supporting via the EU funded WeSPOT project and our Field Network System (FNS). The aim is to integrate the field and mobile experience of the learner with social connection and the work of other ‘field researcher students’ directly in a field context.

Peter will also look at some of the wider live science-in-the-laboratory work that we have begun with the OU Science Faculty, exploring how we might socially enhance live and interactive web broadcasts, also known as labcasts, to provide a more engaging student experience of remote lab work. And finally, Peter will provide the audience with a glimpse into a virtual and augmented reality future of the science lab. He will do by demonstrating the work we have been conducting in an industrial and manufacturing context of the EU TELLME project, which is augmenting the view of workers and learners.

Other speakers will include:

  • Paul Jones, Research Fellow, Cranfield University

Multi-level learning and the use of technology.

  • Linda Price, Senior Lecturer, IET

Using technology in teaching and learning: is it scholarly?

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