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Person: Svetlana Rumyanceva

<p>Svetlana Rumyanceva</p>

Tool to Support with REF2021 Open Access Compliance has been released

CORE is happy to announce the release of a new version of the CORE Repository Dashboard. The update will be of particular interest to UK repositories as we are releasing with it a new tool to support REF2021 open access compliance assessment. The tool was developed for repository managers and research administrators to improve the…

CORE reaches 20 million monthly users

Thousands of data providers from almost 150 countries from all over the world are connected with researchers, students, life long learners and the general public via CORE. This past month  CORE’s monthly users reached 20 million –  we are really proud of it and grateful to all our content providers. Read more about this here….

The Joint Conference on Digital Libraries has accepted two papers of CORE

Members of the CORE Team have been working on submissions for the Joint Conference on Digital Libraries (JCDL) and today we are extremely happy to inform our readers that our two teams have both received acceptance notices. Doctors  Bikash Gyawali, Dr. Nancy Pontika and Dr. Petr Knoth have been working on “Open Access 2007-2017: Country…

CORE helps Lean Library to provide its users with freely accessible copies of research papers

CORE follows its mission and makes open access more visible and reusable by being an enabling infrastructure. This time CORE joins its forces with Lean Library, whose aim is to provide seamless access to research materials for users. Due to this collaboration with Lean Library, the CORE Discovery service will now be indirectly used by…

3C Shared task: A Kaggle Competition for Citation Context Classification

  As part of the International Workshop on Mining Scientific Publications, WOSP 2020 (, researchers at CORE are organizing a new shared task: the ‘3C’ Citation Context Classification Task. The aim of this shared task is to classify the citation context in research publications based on their influence and purpose. There will be two subtasks…

Track compliance of the REF2021 open access policy with the CORE Repository Dashboard

At the end of March, CORE presented a webinar (slides and recording) on how UK HEIs can track compliance with the REF2021 open access policy. The webinar was fully booked and attended by 131 repository managers and research administrators from the UK Council of Research Repositories (UKCoRR) and the Association of Research Managers and Administrators…

Congratulations to The Core and iTunes U Teams

Every day, millions of people access free OU content. Congratulations to all members, past and present, of our CORE and iTunes U teams for being recognised as two of the five Open Access sources mentioned on the OU’s Mission Page. CORE is the world’s largest collection of open access research papers delivered in partnership by…

CORE update for January to March 2020

CORE is extremely happy to keep its reader up to date and here is its quarterly report for January to March 2020 period. Read CORE Blog Post which includes:   CORE is ready to release a premium version of the Repository Dashboard CORE’s products are used by Open Access Helper CORE is continuously expanding its ambassadors’ network CORE step…

KMi service makes open access more visible and reusable by being an enabling infrastructure

CORE is a global aggregator of open access research content, one of the Jisc’s Open Access services and UK’s National Aggregator. Through its services, CORE delivers a number of key measurable benefits to its stakeholders, such as institutions, repositories, and researchers. Moreover, CORE’s value is not only proved by its services, but by helping others…

CORE welcomes a leading figure in the quest for Open Access to scientific knowledge

Last Tuesday, March 3, we were privileged at CORE to welcome a leading figure in the quest for Open Access to scientific knowledge. Carl Malamud and Petr Knoth had a very productive discussion of their work, common goals and shared their experience. What is more, Carl Malamud has given a talk at KMi on text…


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