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Person: Harith Alani

<p>Harith Alani</p>

KMi proudly acknowledges the presence of another Doctor among us, Dr. Martino Mensio

On Friday January 26th Dr. Martino Mensio successfully defended his PhD thesis, with the title “Persuasion across the Political Spectrum: Quantifying Differences in Parallel News Reports”. Dr. Mensio’s PhD thesis delves into computational studies on News Media, focusing on parallel news reports, persuasion techniques, political leaning, and topics. The research examines language and persuasion techniques…

KMi’s Director discusses AI and misinformation at the Government Business magazine

In an article for Government Business magazine, Prof. Harith Alani discusses the dual potential of AI, emphasising its ability to be both beneficial and detrimental. He underscores AI’s significance as a tool for analysing misinformation, experimenting with preventive measures, and mitigating its effects. Utilising historical data, AI can effectively identify misinformation by recognising previously debunked…

KMi at ISWC 2023

The 22nd International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC 2023), a leading global event for the Semantic Web and Knowledge Graph Community, has successfully wrapped up, marked by notable involvement from KMi researchers. The ISWC series of conferences is coordinated by the Semantic Web Science Association (SWSA), whose Vice-President is KMi’s Harith Alani. Professor Alani is also…

KMi’s Director Harith Alani presents at LINKS final project event

Prof. Harith Alani, presented on “Live Misinformation Correction: Lessons Learnt” and participated in a panel discussion on misinformation and disinformation in crisis management, concerning the utilisation of social media and crowdsourcing during disaster situations. His presentation related to the older (January 2016 – December 2018) COMRADES project, in which Prof. Alani served as a project…

OU joins the Turing University Network focussing on data science and AI

The Open University (OU) has joined a growing list of universities in The Alan Turing Institute’s network. The Turing University Network offers UK universities, with an interest in data science and AI, the opportunity to engage and collaborate both with the Institute and its broader networks in academia, industry and the public sector. It will also…

KMi presence at SEMANTiCS 2023

Last week, the Semantic Web Community gathered once again for another yearly top-notch event: the 19th International Conference on Semantic Systems; commonly known as SEMANTiCS 2023. The SEMANTiCS conference is a leading European conference focusing on Machine Learning, Data Science, Linked Data and Natural Language Processing. Over the years, SEMANTiCS has established itself as the…

HEROS Project Concludes Final Stakeholder Conference, Showcasing Research in the Context of COVID-19

The HEROS Project recently wrapped up its final stakeholder conference, presenting its innovative actionable knowledge that contributes to improving pandemic response under four areas: governance, models in epidemics, medical supply chain management, and social media analytics. HERoS aims to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the response to the Covid-19 outbreak. HERoS is a Horizon…

KMi Team take part in Annual Running Club Relay

Well done to the Knowledge Media Runners, Harith Alani, Jason Carvalho, Rachel Coignac-Smith, Alba Morales-Tirado, who finished in the top half of the rankings – 29th out of 61 teams –  in the annual OU Running Club Relay Race. This was the first race held since 2019 due to things being on hold for a couple…

KMi Doctoral Students present their research in Austin, Texas

Congratulations to three KMi’s Doctoral Students who presented their research to the international community in Austin Texas last week.   Ángel Pavón Pérez and Joseph Kwarteng presented papers at the 15th ACM Web Science Conference 2023 (WebSci 2023) in Austin Texas on 1st May. Each student were lead authors representing their co-author teams. Ángel took part…

KMi paper wins the 2022 SWSA Ten-Year Award

Congratulations to Hassan Saif, Yulan He and Harith Alani on winning the prestigious Semantic Web Science Association (SWSA) Ten-Year Award. The prize was announced at the opening ceremony of the International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC 2022) on 25th October.  The Award recognizes the highest impact papers from the ISWC proceedings ten years prior. The decision is based…


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