Open Data in Education: Now also a book

The use Open and Linked Data associated with education has been growing steadily, in part thanks to efforts involving KMi, such as, LinkedUniversities, the LinkedUp project and now the AFEL project. The book "Open Data for Education: Linked, Shared and Reusable Data for Teaching and Learning" is therefore a timely publication. Edited by Dmitry Mouromstsev and Mathieu d’Aquin, it provides an overview of the state of Open Data in education from the perspecitives of various authors, several of them KMi members or former KMi members: John Domingue, Stegan Dietze, Olga Parkhimovich, Dong Liu, Fouad Zablith, Alexander Mikroyannidis and Maria Maleshkova. The book specifically focuses on the practical aspects of Open and Linked Data in education, providing perspectives on the current use of Linked Data to publish educational information and on the initiatives that are promoting and supporting the practice of Open Data for teaching and learning. More importantly, it also provides concrete examples of applications in various context of the way Open Data can support education-related activities. 


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