New ROLE course about Self-Regulated Learning

Alexander Mikroyannidis and Teresa Connolly have prepared in collaboration with other ROLE partners, a new ROLE course about Self Regulated Learning (SRL). The course, which is available in OpenLearn, provides an overview of the concepts behind SRL and also offers an opportunity to use a selection of learning tools that have been developed by the ROLE project. The learner is introduced to SRL through a series of learning scenarios and examples that are accompanied by the relevant learning activities. These learning activities enable the learner to use the ROLE tools in order to apply the SRL principles to their own learning, as well as assess their SRL skills.

The previous ROLE course in OpenLearn introduced learners to the ROLE and PLE concepts and allowed them to start building their PLE by using some of the widgets that the project has developed.

Like all other OpenLearn courses, the ROLE courses are open educational resources that can be downloaded, reused, repurposed, and republished under the Creative Commons licence.

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