MMIS Group visiting Bletchley Park

MMIS group visited Bletchley Park on Wednesday December 5, as a social event.

Bletchley Park used to be the home of top British Code breakers during World War II, and was a top secret until 1967. Its codebreaking successes are believed to save countless lives by shortening the War by at least two years.

It was a really meaningful visit, although the weather was a bit chilly. The wide range of exhibitions, with a detailed guide from volunteers, brought us back to 60 years ago. We saw the famous machines like Bombe, Colossus; visited the old styled buildings and dropped by Alan Turing’s office. Really poor working conditions, but brilliant achievements.

The visit ended up with a lunch in "Ye Olde Swan", a warm and cosy pub with a long history and close to OU.

Please find more information from the photos provided by Joao Magalhaes and Adam Rae.

KMi News Image 0
picture with Turing
KMi News Image 1
Bletchley House mix of architectural styles
KMi News Image 2
Bletchley Park Post Office
KMi News Image 3
Rebuilt Colossus
KMi News Image 4


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