Meet-O-Matic: The World’s Simplest Cross-Platform Meeting Arranger

Today sees the launch of the first proper release of Meet-O-Matic: a simple Web-based cross-platform meeting arranger.

Borrowing ideas from the previous Luigi program, Meet-O-Matic is a significantly simpler and easier to use meeting arranger program. If you want to organise a meeting, simply go to the main page (, and use the calendar interface to select some possible dates. Meet-O-Matic will then give you a web URL which you can email to your friends. They can click on the link and get to a calendar page to choose the dates they can make, and then register those dates with Meet-O-Matic.

As the meeting’s organiser, Meet-O-Matic will keep you informed of the meeting’s progress, either by email (if you type in your email address) or through the web.

Meet-O-Matic was conceived, designed, and developed by Marc Eisenstadt, Anthony Seminara, and Stuart Watt. Any comments and suggestions will be gratefully received.


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