mEducator project has successfully finished

mEducator (Multi-type Content Re-purposing and Sharing in Medical Education) project has successfully finished as it marked as excellent on the final review meeting (22/05/2012). During the last three years, the mEducator established the Best Practice Network (BPN) aiming to implement and critically evaluate existing standards and reference models in the field of e-learning in order to enable specialized state-of-the-art medical educational content to be discovered, retrieved, shared and re-used across European higher academic institutions. KMi (Semantic Web Service research group) worked as a core partner provided a Linked Data based medical learning resource discovery and sharing solution that can be evaluated in the BPN.

“The mEducator Linked Educational Resources dataset” (see first link) is the other major contribution of KMi, which contains data about educational Web resources (over 23000 triples), mainly from the biomedical field. Automated enrichment techniques are used to extend and structure the naturally poorly structured metadata available on the Web and to establish links with other well-known linked open data sources, such as DBpedia or domain-specific vocabularies such as MESH or SNOMED. A set of dedicated query APIs including SPARQL endpoints has been developed for openly sharing, accessing and querying mEducator dataset. In addition, 5 web applications, based on our technologies, are now running serving several medical educational institutes.

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