Lockdown Exam success for KMi Apprentice

Congratulations to Oliva, KMi’s web development apprentice, who along with her many classmates passed her exam despite being in lockdown!

Started in October Olivia Hagen passed her Software Development Methodologies assessment along with all her classmates at MK College in May. Olivia was tested on all sort of skills such as development methodologies and stages on the software development lifecycle. The exam was 40 questions long and Olivia had an hour to complete it. The assessment was done at home due to the lockdown. In order to complete the exam, Olivia was moderated by an external moderator using Zoom. Olivia said, “it was really challenging but I felt it was beneficial and interesting”. Olivia mentioned that the skills will help her manage and create projects. For the leading two weeks, Olivia spent most of her working time preparing for the exam. This involved doing practice papers and quizzes in order to prepare. Normally 20% of her working week goes towards her off the job study. In order to use the time to do revision, Olivia did multiple 45-minute sessions and timed herself with a stopwatch. Even though this year has come with a few obstacles, Olivia plans to complete her apprenticeship in the normal timeframe. Olivia is currently working on refreshing information to fit in with security purposes. Olivia started her role straight out of 6th Form where she found it challenging to adapt to the working lifecycle but enjoyable.

KMi are incredibly proud of Olivia and her achievements, which pave her way through her career as a Web Developer.


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