LinkedUp has been launched!

Funded by the EU in the FP7 programme, the LinkedUp project will advance the adoption of open Web data, in particular for education, in particular through:

  • The LinkedUp Challenge: which will identify, support and promote highly innovative applications and technologies which exploit open Web data
  • Curated datasets: LinkedUp will catalog and curate open Web data to make it accessible for data consumers, in particular in educational contexts.
  • Evaluation Framework: the LinkedUp evaluation framework (metrics, methods, benchmarks) can be reused and instantiated to evaluate Open Web Data applications in particular in the educational domain.
  • Web data success stories: applications and use cases identified during the LinkedUp Challenge will help data consumers the education sector to capitalise on open web data

The kick-off meeting was held last month in Hannover and the project made a great start in getting the first phase of the work of the ground. The consortium includes partners both from academia and from the business environment, ensuring that a wide variety of use case scenarios will be covered. In addition, we have established links with 12 renowned associated partners assisting in gathering resources and building a community of open web data practitioners in the education space.   


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