Learning Grid 2-Day Gig in KMi

Today marks the kickoff of a two-day meeting of key partners in the ELeGI Consortium – the 23-member £5M “European Learning Grid Infrastructure” Project. The meeting will bring together the ELeGI Scientific and Technical Coordinator, Project Coordinator, Work Package and Action Line leaders in order to assess the current state of the project, and plan the next two years of work in detail.

The Open University&#39s Centre for Research in Computing is represented within ELeGI by the Department of Computing and KMi, today&#39s meeting hosts. ELeGI is tackling the ambitious problem of harnessing and reconceptualising grid technologies in order to bring e-learning to a wider audience.

The first year of work is now complete, and the 2-day meeting aims to solidify the existing results and envisage the next stages of work.

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