Lampl of Sutton Trust Visits

Peter Lampl, Chairman and Founder of The Sutton Trust, visited KMi this morning as part of a wider Open University visit.

The Sutton Trust provides educational opportunities for able young people from non-privileged backgrounds.

Peter Lampl’s visit began with a meeting with KMi Chief Scientist Marc Eisenstadt and Business Manager Peter Sharpe. A discussion of KMi’s interests, and how they intersect with the goals of the Sutton Trust, included a description of KMi’s work with MKSchools.Net, the Clutch Clubs, and the East of England Broadband Consortium.

Midge Blake, Head of Major Gifts Fundraising at the OU, then accompanied Mr. Lampl to his lunch with Professor John Mason and colleagues to discuss the potential overlap of interests with OU Maths Education and related activities.

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