KMi’s Generative AI mini-Scotland Tour

KMi’s John Domingue and Aisling Third have just completed a mini tour of Scotland, arranged in conjunction with OU in Scotland, which was a great success. Specifically, they gave two presentations on “Generative AI: Hopes and fears”, in Dumfries (at Easterbrook Hall) and in Edinburgh (at The Royal Society of Edinburgh).

The Dumfries event was a collaboration with the South of Scotland Enterprise (SOSE) a development agency for businesses and enterprising communities throughout Dumfries and Galloway and the Scottish Borders. Michael Gardiner, Digital Development Specialist for SOSE outlined how AI could greatly enhance local business if challenges associated with a lack of awareness and skills could be addressed.

The Edinburgh talk, similarly, was a collaboration with the Scottish Artificial Intelligence Alliance, a partnership between The Data Lab and the Scottish Government, led by a Minister-appointed Chair and tasked with the delivery of Scotland’s AI Strategy. Gordon Johnstone, Communications Manager at the Scottish AI Alliance outlined how openness, transparency, ethics and community engagement were a key part of Scotland’s AI strategy.

John and Aisling provided an overview of AI’s evolution, from its origins to its contemporary applications in areas such as automotive technology, social media, and mapping services. They delved into topics such as knowledge representation and the fundamentals of ChatGPT, with a particular emphasis on neural networks. They additionally showcased examples like the OU’s AI Digital Assistant for student support and AI applications in image and video generation. Furthermore, they explored both the optimistic and pessimistic aspects of AI, engaging in discussions surrounding ethics, copyright issues, legal considerations, and potential misuse.

Both events drew significant attendance, fostering lively discussions around hopes and fears, the rights of artists and the implications for the future of humanity. Predicting the future of species-level shifts based on technology is never easy but it is clear to us that engaging with the broader public is key to ensuring that the enormous potential benefits that AI will generate allow all to prosper fully.

(Photography by Ronnie Galloway.)

(Photography by Ryan Hughes.)

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