KMi’s FOSTER eLearning platform mentioned in a Nature article about Open Science

A Nature article titled “Data sharing and how it can benefit your scientific career”, which discusses the importance of opening up research data and how data sharing could benefit researchers, mentions the FOSTER Open Science eLearning Portal, developed in KMI.


The EU funded “Facilitate Open Science Training for European Research” (FOSTER) and its continuation project “Fostering the practical implementation of Open Science in Horizon 2020 and beyond” (FOSTER Plus) have established the FOSTER eLearning portal, which has been implemented in KMI. FOSTER offers more than 1,300 training resources, 45 courses (offered either self-paced or moderated) and five learning paths leading to specialisations in Open Science.


KMI’s Big Scientific Data and Text Analytics Group (BSDTAG) has participated in the two FOSTER projects. KMi fully developed and hosts the training technology and has also contributed to the creation of the training content and courses.


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