KMi to shape internet choreography

Amidst stiff competition, a KMi bid has emerged as one of only 7 funded in an innovative AHRC-EPSRC-JISC eScience programme funded by the three agencies.

In a 2 year project starting in Oct. 2007, KMi will work with choreographers at Univ. Bedfordshire and Leeds, and long-term partners Univ. Manchester, to break new ground in the world of digital choreography: dance rehearsal and performance over time and space via high-end internet video conferencing. Compendium, KMi’s visual hypermedia tool, will be extended for use by choreographers to plan and annotate video material, and to capture discussions and reviews. The project will also explore theoretical connections in concepts such as narrative, coherence and discourse between hypermedia, choreography and the sciences.

The joint AHRC-EPSRC-JISC Arts and Humanities e-Science Initiative was conceived to bring human-centred e-science tools, developed for the sciences and social sciences, to the Arts and Humanities community. The project is entitled "Relocating Choreographic Process: The impact of Grid technologies and collaborative memory on the documentation of practice-led research in dance", or RCP for short.

RCP is third-generation funding, building on the success of the CoAKTinG project and subsequent Memetic projects that integrated Compendium as semantic annotations on replayable video conferences. This demonstrates the maturation of demonstrator technology for the EPSRC (CoAKTinG), to mainstream e-science tools funded by JISC (Memetic), to its contextualisation and further refinement for new communities (RCP).

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