KMi to build the official UK Open Access Repository Registry

KMi together with University of Nottingham (CRC) and CottageLabs have been awarded a grant in the JISC Digital Infrastructure Programme to build a UK Open Access Repository Registry. KMi was invited to participate in this closed call directly by JISC based on our work in the CORE project. It has already been decided that the resulting software will become an essential component of UK RepositoryNet+ who will guarantee its long-term sustainability. 

RepNetRegistry will build on our experience supporting OpenDOAR to provide an advanced, data-driven infrastructure maximising the potential for use with 3rd party services, such as aggregators, cross-search tools or multiple-deposit interfaces, by exposing authoritative quality coltrolled data through a RESTful API.

In the context of this project, the CORE team will be responsible for collecting and providing repository statistics from across all UK repositories and providing them as authoritative repository benchmarks to the developed Open Access Repository Registry.