KMi Researchers Win IBM UIMA Innovation Award

Dr. Dawei Song and Dr. Jianhan Zhu have been selected to receive a 2006 IBM UIMA (Unstructured Information Management Framework) Innovation Award for $19,000 USD. The UIMA Innovation Award has been designed to encourage the use of open source and open standards-based tools for academic curricula and research, and the use of UIMA to support knowledge acquisition for the semantic web. According to IBM, “This award is highly competitive and recognizes the quality of your program and its importance to our industry.” Dr. Song and Dr. Zhu¬ís awarded project is entitled “A Novel Content-based Entity Relation Discovery and Semantic Search Module for the UIMA Framework”.

The UIMA project is an open-source industrial framework for integrating and deploying natural language processing and unstructured information (text, audio, video) analysis methods in the form of semantic analysis and search components. The KMi project will be based on Dr. Song and Dr. Zhu&#39s previous experience in information retrieval, text mining, and knowledge management, and will investigate using the HAL model based information inferencing method, KMi&#39s CORDER and ESpotter projects to develop advanced entity association network discovery techniques. Modules implementing these techniques will be plugged into the semantic analysis, structured information access, and query and presentation modules of the UIMA framework. The user will be able to search and browse the discovered association networks in order to complete important enterprise search and knowledge management tasks.

Dr. Dawei Song, who joined KMi last September as a senior lecturer, is an internationally recognized expert in information retrieval, text mining, applied logic, and their applications in knowledge discovery and management. Dr. Jianhan Zhu joined KMi in August 2003 and works as a research fellow on text mining and information retrieval.

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