KMi presented at the Decentralised Knowledge Graph Conference (DKGcon) about Generative AI at the OU

Prof. John Domingue was invited to DKGcon (October 9, Ljubljana, Slovenia) where he gave a presentation on “How Decentralisation, Knowledge Graphs and Generative AI will Transform Adult Learning: Experiments at the Open University”. He also was part of a panel on “Trusted AI for media and education”.  

The first DKGcon conference aimed to unite pioneers in internet, blockchain, and AI fields to leverage the potential of a trusted knowledge foundation, and sought to enhance how humanity generates, maintains, and shares knowledge in a reliable and inclusive way. It gathered industry and research leaders – Bob Metcalfe, Ethernet inventor and “Metcalf’s Law” was also one of the other invited speakers – from various sectors like supply chains, healthcare, construction, and the metaverse to promote the use of trusted data as a fundamental element of humanity’s security and prosperity. 

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Prof Domingue presenting at DKGcon
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Prof Domingue at the DKGcon panel