KMi make ARGH! millionaires in Malta

At the 2014 Joint Technology Enhanced Learning Summer School (JTELSS) in Malta KMi collaborated with the TELL-Me project partner VTT to design and deliver this year’s JTELSS Million Dollar Challenge, requiring students to work with the ARGH! augmented reality platform.

The Million Dollar Challenge is a KMi workshop designed to support doctoral students in the understanding of the commercial potential of TEL research and to give them a framework for assessing market readiness and devising an elevator pitch.

Students were introduced to the key elements of customer and competitor analysis and the concept of market disruption as a platform for assessing a technical use case of the ARGH! platform. ARGH! uses custom code on the iOS platform that allows image recognition of markers placed on objects to deliver additional information to the user about the object, in app, without having to navigate to a web page. ARGH! is already being trialled with Augusta Westland to improve machine and process training in helicopter maintenance.

The four JTELSS teams this year each designed their own use of the ARGH! platform in a TEL scenario and received individual coaching on the use of the platform as well as the commercial considerations needed to test the idea. The scenarios explored were: the development of behavioural training models for individuals with Autistic Spectrum disorders based on face recognition of human emotion; the augmentation of medical equipment to aid use in non frequent use cases and the link of machines to medical records for analysis of the effectiveness of medical intervention; the marking of books to provide leisure readers and students with additional information; the provision of training videos for equipment that a user could interact with by overlying their actual physical interaction with a the machine, over the virtual.

The winning team (behavioural training in human emotion recognition) of Triinu Jesmin, Neven Drljevic and Mia Carapina were delighted to receive the coveted JTELSS Million Dollar Challenge Trophy.

ARgh! goes autistic from Fridolin Wild on Vimeo.

KMi News Image 0
the winning team
KMi News Image 1
experimenting with AR glass
KMi News Image 2
Team 2 planning the AR scenario
KMi News Image 3
Team 1 complete their plan
KMi News Image 4
the JTELSS trophy


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