KMi lead International CSC-Argumentation workshop, Stanford

“Computer-Supported Collaborative Argumentation for Learning Communities” is an international workshop being held at Stanford University, CA this weekend, bringing together for the first time researchers and commercial system developers working on collaborative-technologies to augment argumentation.

The event precedes the bi-annual CSCL’99 conference which will attract 300-400 international delegates. Convened by KMi’s Simon Buckingham Shum, the workshop topic of CSCA seeks to combine hypermedia and groupware technologies with rhetorical and meeting process research in order to pursue the goal set out in the 1960’s by visionary Doug Englebart, who envisaged technologies that could represent and augment human conceptual structures and reasoning.

Position papers and further details can be found below:

Workshop: CSCA for Learning Communities:

CCSL’99 Conference:

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