KMi is the organiser of three events for AI UK Fringe 2024

During a sequence of events from March 4th to March 29th, 2024, AI UK Fringe assembles influential figures from academia within the UK’s AI landscape to showcase, present, and share advancements in their pioneering endeavors. Participants in our AI UK Fringe events will have the opportunity to connect with fellow professionals in their local community, engage in specialized discussions, and participate in roundtable sessions.

KMi is pleased to announce that, no fewer than, three events have been accepted for the AI UK Fringe 2024.

AI, Big Data and Democracy – Thursday, 7th March 2024

AI and Big Data play a pivotal role in shaping democratic governance and communication in society. Despite their influence, there is a concern that AI and Big Data could create an anti-democratic environment. The “AI, Big Data, and Democracy Task Force” consists of projects like AI4Gov, ITHACA, KT4D, and ORBIS, funded to address the challenges associated with responsible AI. Operating within an interdisciplinary framework, the Task Force integrates ethical and socio-technical considerations to align AI development with human values.Informed by democratic theory, the Task Force emphasises principles of participation, representation, and deliberation, while also exploring governance models and innovation theories to effectively manage emerging technologies.

The event is online and free, but registration is required.

Thursday 7 March, @11:00 – 15:00T, Online.

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Navigating the Future – AI’s Impact on Education

The AI UK 2024 Fringe event focuses on exploring the transformative potential of artificial intelligence in education (AIEd) by leveraging personalized teaching inspired by Bloom’s 1984 paper. The initiative aims to overcome socioeconomic barriers and provide widespread personalized education, aligning with the ethos of equality to enhance learning outcomes for diverse learners. The in-person workshop, running from 10 am to 4 pm, includes two 45-minute keynote sessions on the state of the art in AIEd. Two discussion segments provide a platform for exploring AI applications in assessment, teaching delivery, and educational content production, fostering dialogue among researchers, developers, practitioners, and policymakers. The workshop also features a poster session, a coffee break, and a lunch break to promote networking and collaboration among the 50 to 100 diverse participants, including AI researchers, developers, educational researchers, practitioners, and policymakers. Overall, the event aims to contribute significantly to the discourse on AI in education through its comprehensive structure.

Friday 22 March, @9:50, Royal Geographical Society (with IBG), London.

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AI for the Research Ecosystem

AI, particularly through technologies like deep learning and large language models, is rapidly transforming various stages of the research process, including study design, literature reviews, code development, data analysis, dissemination, peer review, and research assessment. The “AI for the Research Ecosystem” (AI4RE) workshop aims to provide insights from experts in the field, involving stakeholders such as researchers, institutions, policy makers, funders, and commercial entities. The event serves as a catalyst for addressing fundamental questions about leveraging AI technologies in research. Key considerations include organizing stakeholders to maximize the benefits of AI, ensuring responsible and ethical design by establishing clear guidelines, and democratizing AI technologies to make them accessible to a broad audience beyond those with financial means. Engaging ethicists, policymakers, and ongoing dialogues are crucial for addressing ethical dilemmas and societal impacts related to AI in research.

Friday 22 March, @9am, Chandler House, UCL, London.

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