KMi helps London Mathematical Society launch e-journal

The London Mathematical Society has launched its flagship electronic journal, the “LMS Journal of Computation and Mathematics” [].

KMi’s D3E Project (Tammy Sumner, Simon Buckingham Shum, Mike Wright and Malcolm Story) worked with the LMS in defining requirements (e.g. internet infrastructure, journal design and staffing), and interviewing programmers. During 1997, the LMS web programmer Adam Worrall took one of KMi’s ‘hot desks’ for staff from collaborating organisations, and with full access to KMi’s facilities and team members, worked to a tight schedule to prototype the journal, culminating in the publication of its first issue in June.

Prof. Wilfrid Hodges, the coordinator of the journal’s launch, confirmed the value of their collaboration with KMi:

“Adam Worrall’s time with you gave every sign of running perfectly. The London Mathematical Society is very pleased with the results, and very grateful to you and KMi for the facilities and help that you gave Adam.

We particularly appreciate the steps that you and your team took to make him feel at home at KMi, your generosity with suggestions and your willingness to discuss all aspects of the software that Adam was developing.

With many thanks for a profitable collaboration.”

Digital Document Discourse Environment: D3E is a publishing toolkit and web server environment for converting conventional documents into interactive document-discussion sites []

Journal of Interactive Media in Education: JIME is an award winning e-journal published using D3E []


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